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Poster: c-freedom Date: Feb 8, 2014 4:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are we jaded with too much content and clarity in our Dead listening ?

Hey Pig Street;

That is a great j-peg photo!

Thanks for the encouragement in your other post.

Regarding show reviews:

Man one of the heads who reviewed 5.14.74 said something about the Montana show that was just released being like in the low 30's of close to 40 shows he reviewed.
Well I listened to just set one of the 5.14.74 soundboard and if he has 30 + shows ahead of this I need that entire list right now because back in the day the only tape I had even close to this quality was FM-broadcasts and a soundboard from Madison Wisconsin- early -73.
So I am just blown away because I am busy e-mail threads to my older musician friends of every hot soundboard I come across on the archive.
I am probably 100 full shows deep. ( listening to shows from start to finish) and the Montana 74 show is just hot. When I can hear if Keith is letting loose or holding back. and I can hear the slightest hesitation in Garcia's vocals. And in 1974 you really need perfect sound to hear that.
I am not talking mistakes but just where Jerry chooses to emphasize a phrase. Also with Weir I can hear him drawl out certain words like he is Elvis or something.
Hearing Phil singing back ground on B.E. to the point that I know Phil is singing his butt off. And Donna I listen to her and think wow that sister had it going on. (Only time she bothered me was usually when her and Bobby were going ballistic during One More Saturday Night) but heck it was a rock concert. Somebody had to get overly worked up in the band and it wasn't going to be Lesh or Garcia. Part of a concert is release. Yes Garcia had the meltdown jam and Phil dropped bass bombs and Weir and Donna just went nuts.
"It's only rock and roll but I like it"

The truth I think everyone should keep in mind is that we are approaching the point of being on stage with the musicians that is what I am starting to feel like.
And we need to remember that music is an art form it is never ideal if it represents reality because reality is distorted by this and that n a fallen world.
Just to be able hear Billy clearly on the drums and to distinguish his movements across his kit (cymbals and all)

Jerry used to say 'somebody would tell me that was the greatest show ever and all I could think was my feet were kinda itchy'
The sound we are getting on shows is a real privilege.
I know it is good to be discerning but I know there is a real generation gap between those who listened live and then scrounged for a decent tape and today's generation of heads that have a soundboard vault at their disposal.
We need both because without the technical side we would become an oldies gig and without the veteran heads we would be a dying church or wax museum.

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